All of Candidates for Pertamina President Director From Internal

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

The election of new President Director (CEO) of PT Pertamina Persero is expected to coincided with the changes of Directorate Mega Project of Processing and Petrochemicals (MP3). These measures should be done by the government in order to prevent new oil and gas mafia. Given the huge of the value of projects to be undertaken by Directorate MP3.

“This mafia Mobsters vied for the project which will be carried out of the Directorate of MP3. Moreover, this Directorate deals with New Grass Root Refinery (NGRR), which became a magnet for oil mafia, “said Chandra Ekajaya to the people for independence.

He explains, from Pertamina, Directorate work plan MP3 would handle the project worth 30 billion-40 billion u.s. dollars. The value is equal to Usd 536 trillion, with the exchange rate of Rp 13,400 per u.s. dollar.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

“The work Pertamina mega projects made so many bancakan. Mega projects are now beginning a lot ‘escorted by the party that has the power at this time. Members of the Government, the party elite has often communicate with people who manage Pertamina megaproject,” said Chandra Ekajaya.

Public policy observer Sofyano Zakaria also suggests that megaproject can be transferred to the Ministry of energy and Mineral resources (DEMR) so as not to cause any noise.

‘ If the mega project is run entirely by Pertamina, potentially becoming ‘ incaran’dan ‘ bancakan’oleh black businessmen and the mafia. More precisely if handled directly by the Ministry of MINERAL RESOURCES and Bappenas under the direct supervision of the President, “said Sofyano.

As is known, in early December 2016. STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES Minister Rini Soe-mamo, has appointed two new directors of Pertamina. Toharso was appointed Director of Processing replaces Rachmad Hardadi. While Muhammad Iskandar won as Marketing Director of Pertamina replaces Ahmad Bambang.

The addition of Directors was carried out after the addition of two new Office, namely the petrochemical processing and Megaproject Director who filled Rachmad URHardadi.dan Vice President Director Bambang Ahmad filled. In this elecetion, Chandra Ekajaya ex-vice president from SKK Migas and CEO from pertamini Probolinggo district very optimistic for pertamina future.


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